Why CentOS Linux for Virtual Private Servers

When we think about to hosting our website, we have a long list of options to choose from and Linux virtual private server or VPS is always a good idea to select and to go with. There are a number of Linux flavors available, but two out of all the flavors are most popular and in use. Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS are those two Linux flavors.  In many ways, these two server operating systems are so much similar. As a matter of facts, on the surface they are practically alike. But there are fewer reasons to use Community enterprise Operating System over all around platforms for our virtual private server hosting requirements.

A Red Hat enterprise version of Linux is one of the oldest Linux distributions available. While once in the past they offered a community edition of their software’s, but that is not the case at present. Since it is no more available free of cost, open source developers also known as independent developers created Community enterprise Operating System so they can fill up the gap. It is basically the same as Red Hat enterprise Linux, but for free of cost. It uses the same software of packages and format as RHEL. So these two are less or more fully compatible to each other. So we can say CentOS Linux is a re-branded version of Red Hat Linux. So using CentOS Linux VPS you we will get all the benefits of Red hat Linux without using it and we don’t have to pay anything for using the CentOS.

As an open source project, we can get more deep support from the online forums, tutorials and webmaster for addressing to any of our problems we may face.  Stability is another advantage of using CentOS Linux. For every new release Red Hat Linux Provides 13 months of support while CentOS provides support for the years as well as we don’t have any need to update or upgrade Community enterprise Operating System to its next version for a long time. One of the most favorable advantages of using CentOS is that it releases security and software updates by following Red Hat’s releases by a few weeks due to this reason any bugs and issues that may arise get solved before CentOS releases its own updates.

Community enterprise Operating System can be more useful for any type of website, whether it can be a niche related social networking web platform , a shopping cart, an e-commerce web platform, customize web application or a very simple network of blogs. For what we are selecting CentOS Linux virtual private server it really does not matter. If we are looking a cheap web hosting solution, CentOS Linux VPS is one of the most reliable and secured solution. If you are worrying about your peaceful nights and worried about your server stability and security to host your website, CentOS can be the best solution for us. So choosing Community enterprise Operating System for Linux Virtual Private Server between so many Linux flavors is the most sensible and intelligent decisions for us.

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